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When you think about money, do you get stressed because it never feels like enough? 

Does it steal your joy and hold you back?

What if there was a simple tool that could easily shift your money mindset, increase your joy, AND bring in more abundance, especially money!?

Hi!  My name is Maryann Ehmann.
A couple of years ago I slid into a terrible funk and basically lost hope that I could generate income while caring for my husband who had just been diagnosed with 4th stage metastasized melanoma cancer, which had lodged in his brain.
But... through the grace of God, I learned a powerful strategy that shifted my fear into joy and.... 
our finances from $600 to $25000 in just 6 weeks! 
What was that strategy?
After tracking everything DAILY that came in and letting nothing go unnoticed, stress about money disappeared. 
Focusing on abundance, rather than lack, totally shifted my mindset from scarity to Money Loves Me, which ultimately led to increased joy and income!

I want everyone to experience more abundance! 

So, I created this simple tool!

To Keep You FOCUSED On YOUR Abundance, Your FREE GIFTS Include:
***Magnificent 30 Day Abundance Tracker*** 
***Free Inspirational and Instructional AUDIO***
***30 Days of Encouragement to Keep You On Track***

Did  You Know That Tracking Your Abundance Will:

  •  Upgrade Your Money Energy 
  •  Expand Your Money Channels
  •  Joyfully Increase Your Income
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